Power of One – Introduction


Buddha had said “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle”. One candle may not be able to light up a whole room, but it certainly has the potential to light many candles which can make a room vibrant and illuminated. Same rule of the thumb should be applicable to us also. But I would often wonder, how much of a significant change can one bring just by changing oneself? Or how far can a person walk alone?

If one looks back at history, one can cite numerous examples from the past where individuals have stood for something they believed was right. When Mahatma Gandhi raised a voice against racial epithet, he was the first one to do so. Non-violent methods of protest preached by him was something which revolutionary leaders like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela got inspiration from. I sometimes think about Malala Yosufzai, the courage which she exhibited at such a tender age in withstanding the suppression of women and children (their right to education) was par excellence. The list of such fiery people is endless.

One could think that such great men and women were extraordinary individuals, driven by surreal talent and determination. Their stories of struggle and success are inspiring no doubt, but not everyone aspires to change the world. Most of us are simple people, having quite a few responsibilities upon our shoulders, and thus can’t give all our time for a cause.

Of late I have witnessed a remarkable series of events, which has totally changed my perception of the power which is within an individual. During this period I have seen around me what exactly the power of one person can do. This power that I am talking about is a strong and persistent desire to do that which is right, even if it meant standing against the flow or coming out of their comfort zone. I have seen a few people taking up causes for overall welfare of the society in-spite of their responsibilities at home, work commitments, their health issues. They are neither big names as crusaders of the cause, nor are they the first ones to initiate them. But still their contributions are priceless as in spite of their busy schedule, they were able to walk that extra mile and in that process motivated many. Sometimes, when we see someone amongst us make a difference, they could be more inspiring than all the big names.

In the next couple of articles, I wish to highlight such instances where ordinary citizens triggered the change which can redefine our society. This series is a tribute to them… and an inspiration for all of us.

– Aradhana Basu Das


  1. You have a sensitive side, a quality that a writer needs very essentially,besides you have been able to articulate your feelings so well…….very nicely written….Keep it up Aradhana

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  2. Very well written article with good choice of words which make you think. Slightly disappointed that the article ended on the mood of more to come .. all the best ! Keep going !

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